Monday, July 8, 2013

Growing up and learning to let go...

I am having a day of sighs... As I sit here at my favorite place, I am alone, and it is different. My children are here, but at the end of the day, one will stay and continue his adventure. This is hardest on me. My first born is grown up enough to not need me to care for him. He is enjoying time of independence. I know, I know, he is 9, and it is summer camp, and it is only one week (ok, 2) but I am learning that I need to change. He IS capable, and I need to let him be capable. I am reminded of a bible passage in this time: "“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, theLord is one.You shall love the Lordyour God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Andthese words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates." 
I feel like this experience at camp is me trusting that we have trained him in The Lord and that he will be absolutely perfect at the end of the week, and will even have grown some, but I will miss the goodnight kiss, and a hug. He may be grown, but all of his firsts are all my firsts  and sometimes firsts are hard to dive in to, but, they are almost always rewarding! 
Caleb on his way to camp!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


So, it has been a fun filled summer! 
We have spent a lot of time at Camp Canonicus. It has been a spirit filled and enriching experience! 
I have learned to build fires, hang up tarps for shelters, clear paths, spot poison ivy, and do tick checks! Yay! 

The boys have done things like boating, waterslide, and hiking! And by waterslide, I mean camp waterslide...

I have seen double rainbows, sunsets, sunrises, lightening bugs, and some scary staff members! 
And I have returned to my favorite part of camp, being a part of all God has made...
All in all, it has been a fun summer, and there is still so much to do! I am so blessed that these children of mine get to experience this place! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When life gets in the way, you live it!

A lot has happened since my last post, and I have to say, none of it has necessarily been expected, and none of it has been without great appreciation, and all of it has humbled me. 

Prayers are answered in many a meeting earlier this year, an opportunity arose that I am so excited to share. I will be working this summer. I know, me working? Well, I actually work a lot, but never talk about it. Well, I want to scream this work from the mountains! I will be the craft person at Camp Canonicus this summer. So what? S,this means a summer of sharing God's word and his spirit with children and teenagers from all over and deeming my own faith. It means my children will meet new people, and have experiences we could only have hoped for, and it means that I will get a chance to be in a place I grew up loving...Camp. 
There is something about spending time with nature that just makes me feel alive. I have energy, passion, and a love for being at one with all around me. The camp theme from our camp song is "to sense my belonging with all God has made" and I tell you, the experience is just that, grounding and mountaintop, and everywhere in between. 

I also have been asked to serve on a team for our denominations state chapter, and I have discovered a renewed love of outreach to the younger generations. I feel that I want my children to grow up to be strong grounded men, and full of the love and compassion of Christ.

So, if I am missing, If I am distant, if I do not wish you a happy birthday, please forgive me as I will be helping young hearts and minds to remember and/or know Christ.

What a blessing...

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring has sprung!

I can not tell you how happy I am!
There is this ball of fire in the sky, and it has decided to come out and play!
Even though I have been feeling very under the weather, the last few days we have been able to venture outside, clean the garden, take some time sitting, we taught Aaron to ride a bike, experienced Logan on a bike since his last arm break and watched Caleb reunite with his homeschooled friend across the street!

All in all, much joy has been had outside. There was actually arguments from the boys about coming in to sleep, but they slept so well!

I feel like this year is going to be an amazing year. The boys are taking swim lessons, remembering how to ride scooters and bikes, and they are enjoying each other more.

I have found that very often, if I interject, they quarrel. However, if I gently redirect, they find a way to work as a team. Brotherhood is truly amazing, and I feel so blessed to be able to witness it!

I have posted a few photos of them on their bikes, I did not post swim pictures, due to other children in them. Enjoy your day, and your spring!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blue to you!

Today is autism awareness day.
I know that if you are reading this, you probably know that.
If you did not know that, that is why so many people are wearing the color blue today.
What you may to know is that our family has been through the autism roller coaster, and we are in line for another ride.

When our oldest Caleb was born, he was a joy. He liked puzzles, and shapes and colors, and he talked like any other child.

By between eighteen months and two years, Caleb stopped talking. He would point, and use animal noises, but most of his talking was not understandable. He did not care to communicate.

I talked to his pediatrician, and her advice was to give him time, maybe it was normal. Well, I fought that pediatrician for two years, and she "gave in" and gave us a referral to the neurodevelopment center at our children's hospital.

After the slew of evaluations, it was decided that Caleb had something called sensory integration disorder. (SID) sensory integration disorder or dysfunction is when the sensory input your body receives is not processed appropriately. Imagine that your nerve sensitivity in your skin is turned up 1000 times. Everything that you touch, smell, taste, and hear is amplified, and it makes it unpleasant to say the least. Well, there is therapy to try to teach your body to respond appropriately to that input, however, insurance does not cover it for more than so many appointments a year ( far fewer than Caleb needed). So, I talked with his therapist, and I learned how to help him. Sensory integration disorder in and of itself is not a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, however, many children who have or develop autism have sensory integration issues.
This made insurance hard, because without an autism diagnosis, he did not qualify for a lot of services. I never wanted a diagnosis, I just wanted my child to be able to function in society, and the family.

With a lot of work, Caleb progressed nicely, and honestly, I realized how important therapy can be for any child. I wished he could have continued with therapy, however, he couldn't and we work with that.

Well, fast forward to today, we are going through a re-evaluation for Caleb. I will not get into the specifics right now, Because I do not feel comfortable, but I will say, I have had my day of tears over it, and we as a family are moving forward.

If you ever wonder about your child's behaviors, diagnosis, or progression/regression in their development, do not hesitate to talk to your pediatrician, and if they do not seem receptive to your concerns, take the time to document what you see, be reasonable, do not scare yourself with Internet searches. Find a doctor that is well respected, and get a second opinion.

You and only you can be your child's advocate, and you are the best advocate your child will ever have.

If your children are "typical" and there is an opportunity, please, teach your child that just because a child is "different" from them, it does not make them less of a person.
My child is teased daily, because he is nice and naive, and I am grateful he has one good friend, but it still kills me that he has to learn the harsh realities of life so soon.

Thank you to all of you whom have been my rock through everything we have been through as a family, know that you are appreciated!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When the dad is away, the boys will play...

I want to start off by saying that I am not at all upset that my husband has a job, nor am I upset that this job causes him to need to travel. I understand that sacrifices need to be made in order for a family to survive in the current economy. This is just a tired momma telling her story....

Ok, daddy is in Miami right now. He left today and he returns tomorrow. A normal Wednesday is daddy wakes up early, goes to swim, and then to work. The boys may see him after work, but he has been at a bible study the last few weeks, so, it is not improbable that there would be a day where he wasn't home. Well, daddy thought it was good to tell our boys that he was going away for a day. While I appreciate his honesty, here is the problem: he says " I will be back on Thursday morning" and the boys hear " cool, dad won't be home, so we can do whatever we want!" And I hear " hey boys, I know your mom loves it when you completely do the opposite of what she says, it makes her filled with joy, so do that for the next day or so. Ok?"

Lost in translation

That is what I will blame it on. We are lost somewhere between here and there. I am with my boys most moments when they are not at school. I am the wallpaper to them. I exist, but it doesn't mean much. So, even with me sitting at the table, dinner becomes screaming, throwing food/utensils, and all out mayhem. So, due to that, tonight was the night that the boys broke mom. It is official, and that is ok. So after I screamed for a moment, I put them to bed, read the bible verse for today (interesting, Jesus in the temple kicking out the merchants. The prayer lesson was on asking God to help us overcome our anger...ok, I hear you God) I kissed them and told them something positive about the today, and then, I took a shower. Seriously, a five minute shower, and three times a child was in the bathroom with a "problem". The glue had not finished drying on my cracks, and I came unglued again. I talked them and me down, and they went to bed.

A trip outside to the yard with the dog revealed the sky, and I broke down in prayer...I need to find my center, and I needed that bible verse tonight to remind me that my own anger can be overwhelming at times for myself, so I need to remember, to stay calm and trust in God.

The oral of this is, the next time daddy goes away, instead of telling the boys he won't be home, maybe he can just kiss them a second longer, and say see you after work. It wouldn't be a lie...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What imagination!?

I love that a few days a week, I have the pleasure of watching my nieces. I live that the two of them have a blast coloring, building Legos and just having fun. On Thursdays, I get to enjoy the fact that Aaron is home with us. Today, they had all of our living room blankets out, and they decided to hide from me.... Such fun!

I think it is important for Children to know that having an imagination is not a bad thing. Draw a picture and describe it to me. Play with Legos with no instructions! (Imagine that) and find a way to have fun with nothing electronic on. It is pretty amazing to see what little children can teach me that I should have already known. I think the phrase "stop and smell the roses" does not do life justice. I want to change it to " stop and see the way the children play!" Sometimes the hardest part is remembering that they are little kids, and they are going to be loud, and disorganized, and silly, and that it is my job to protect them, but not dictate to them how to live their lives.

I wonder if anyone feels this way at times or if I am just late to the game!
Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 15, 2013


Apparently, I have up writing for lent, because I have been pretty silent lately! I think I am doing so much writing for school that I am just out of fresh ideas.

I think a lot of neat stuff has happened. Caleb is doing so well with piano that he will be playing in Church on Sunday. He is playing an excerpt from Beethoven's ninth symphony. He is so excited, and a natural at playing. Logan is learning to live piano, he loves playing, but he struggles a bit with posture and patience (like his mom) so he is growing. Aaron has been reading books, not really reading, but showing some pre-reading skills, and it is so sweet. School for me has been busy, but all my midterm grades were A's so I must be doing ok. ;) Steve has been so busy at work, but is still able to manage to be a supportive husband, and loving father and he has no idea how much that means. Otherwise, we have had a few medical issues with father, that has added some stress, but, family is family, and you do what you have to to make things ok. Prayers for him would be appreciated greatly!

Many blessings to you and yours today!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friends like these.

So. Last weekend we were hit with a really big snow storm. This weekend, not a huge storm, but adding 3-4 inches meant a parking ban in our city, which means no church. Note the picture of how we spent our morning at home. We do not have our own parking lot. We have to park on the street, and thanks to the kindness of our neighbor across the street, many members of the church park there, but it is a grocery store, so we have to be mindful of their customers.
I miss church. A lot of my friends are there, my children gain their few hours with their friends who are godly children, and it is a place where we as parents can recharge while our children are safe with others.
I have been wrestling with how much private school costs, and with how far away they are from us.
It is on my heart, and in my prayers. I wish that I had no reservations about it, but I do, and so I will wait.
See? Even when it is about the snow, it is about not being in quite the right place right now. I want for my children to have friends every day like the ones they have on Sunday, and with two Sundays away, miss those friendships.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Juggling anyone?

I was recently asked how I juggle being a mom to three boys, a wife, and a full time student.

I have to say, it is not easy, however, it is doable!

I am blessed to have three beautiful boys. I love every moment I am privilege enough to spend with them, and I realize that those years will be few. I decided a year ago, that I needed to do something with my life. I needed to be a role model, to help others, because it was truly what I loved doing. Helping others. So, I took a course that would certify me to be a teachers assistant.

I loved it!

I enjoyed getting good grades again, and I decided rather quickly to register for the fall semester, full time. I took five classes last semester, and spent a lot of time away from my children. I earned a 3.94 gpa, and I was happy. Christmas break came and went, and now, I am taking four courses this semester. I am struggling a bit in one of my classes, but I am excited to say I qualified for honors and can do an honors project this semester.

Now, the juggling act. I spend each afternoon after school doing homework with my boys. I learn what they are interested in, and we spend time doing those things together. I make sure to have fun time with them. I plan ahead a lot, and I am not perfect at it. I have an amazingly supportive husband, and without him it wouldn't be possible for me to do all of this. I also sing in a group, and one of the classes I am taking is a long term goal, and that is sign language, so I am learning a new language as well.

It is not always fair, I know I am not giving 100% to everything all of the time, and I do feel guilty at times. I pray that my boys see the value in my school so that the time I am not with them will be times that they can plan for when we are together. I pray that I am an inspiration to them. I pray that the difference I can make in the future will be as meaningful to them as time with me now. I pray I am not making a mistake.

Now, I still have a long road ahead, and I know it will not be easy, however my long term goal is my Master's degree in Speech and Language Pathology.

So, if I can do it, anyone can!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is a day that most people set aside to show others how much they love them.

I would like to share some things that I love about my boys, and I ope you will share with me what you love about your children!

He is so sweet
He is innocent, and is easily hurt
He loves to hug
He isn't afraid to let me know how much he loves me
He is in love with life
He struggles with big school assignments, just like me, so we work together
He isn't afraid to let the world see him sing and play music, and dance
He is a helper
He cares about others
He tries hard to be fair
He is smarter than he knows
He was my first, and is still teaching me how to be a mom

He is zany
He is silly
He is a mush
He loves hugs
He loves to read
He loves to learn
He is kind
He is understanding of the little ones around him, and helps them
He is a worrier, and always worried about someone else
He wants to learn how to knit, which is a skill I do not have, but he has patience with me
He can be easy going
He loves God, truly, and it shows in his concern and passion

He thinks everything is amazing
He is growing into a polite young boy
He cares about others
He loves to help
He sees life through his own colored glasses
He is energetic
He is loving
His kisses are sloppy, which is something I never liked in a kiss before
He has taught me to appreciate every day
He adores his brothers
He loves school
He is a leader

These are my boys, and I love them so, even when they make me want to pull my hair out, the fact that I can sit and write out all the things I love about them, makes for a wonderful appreciation of them!

So, what are some wonderful things you love about your children?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Breaking the brat, even when it hurts.

So, I have a confession to make,

My children are brats.

Oh wait, what, that wasn't a secret? Well, let me explain.

When you want nothing more in life than to become a mom, and you get that gift, you are so excited, and thankful, and you want everything for that child, so, you give it to them. Then somewhere along the line, you realize that you can't stop. You give to stop the whining, or to ease a hurt, or to mend a heart, or to make up for not being there. Then there are birthdays, holidays, and book never ends.

Well, I am stuck in this rut, of giving out of guilt, saying I will make them learn the value of a dollar, and then not following through, and this is truly on me, not on them.

I am finished. I will not give in, I will not buy just because, and I will not do for them anymore. Aaron seriously threw a thirty minute fit all the way home from target, because I would not get him gummies ( fruit snacks) at the checkout. It was 10 a.m., and just because it says fruit does not mean it is healthy. So, I said no, and he cried and screamed, and we both got upset with each other, but I did not give in, I made him realize I meant it.

I said no!

I know no big deal, but to me, it was a baby step in a long line of steps.

I will not give in, I will not back down, I am a mom, and I will change how my children act by using my actions, not just expect change from them.

Therefore, I will break the brat. I will raise children to do for themselves, and earn their keep, I am just so sorry that it took me this long to see it.

It kills me to know that I have hurt them. I do say no, but apparently, I need to teach them better how to behave, and how to do for themselves, because I love them.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who found Nemo?

We did!
Unless you do not watch the news, or your life is really interesting, you know that this weekend there was a snow storm, a blizzard, named Nemo in the northeast.

I have no clue how much snow we got, however....
This is where we started Friday at 11am

And this was the front of my house this morning.

And this is out my back window right now.

We were blessed and did not loose power. Right now, I am waiting for Aaron and Steve to wake up from afternoon naps, and I am enjoying the fact that we have nowhere to be!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A unique creation

Snow, perfect individual flakes landing on the faces, tongues and coats of little children. This was my joy today. I did not experience this sight with my own children today. Only one of them. I was substituting at the preschool today, and seeing the joy in childrens eyes as they watch the snow land was beautiful.

It reminded me, that every being is created unique. And working with these students has helped me to appreciate the uniqueness of those around me.

Caleb, he is so smart, I mean the kind of smart that makes my head spin. Lately, he is struggling in school, and I don't think it is because of his lack of smarts, I think it is that he knows he knows, so he doesn't need to try. Wrong. He said today, I know I can do better than the B I received, and that not doing my best is not acceptable in our house, I will do better. Sigh, I hope he doesn't think that we do not live him because of a silly B, we love him o matter what grade he gets, we expect him to always try his hardest. That is a hard distinction for anyone to make.

Logan...sweet emotional Logan....he is such a good natured child, and he can be so brash. He did really well on his report card, and he is improving in his completion of his school work. We went to the book store on Sunday, and he wanted a book about angry birds. I hate buying books that have to do with games or toys they collect. I really wanted him to get a book that he could read. I was having a day, (and to be honest, I still am) and I walked away. Well, it was a good thing I walked away, because I looked over a few books, and found him some chapter books that he was interested in. I find it so hard to remember what I want him to want and what he wants will always be different. I need to learn to let go...

Aaron, he has had a great weekend. Despite a cold, and a four year olds attitude, he had a great weekend. He enjoyed school yesterday, and today he was a helper. He was able to be a leader, and an example. I was told he said, "yes, ma'am" and showed how things should be. He has grown so much that it is hard for me to believe there was ever a time when we worried about his health.

Life, is busy as always. I enjoy every flake life gives me, because when all those precious flakes fall, and they are all collected on the ground, they sure do make a pretty landscape.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day

I know what the groundhog said this morning. Do you? If so then you are a weather buff, a teacher or you have a loved one who is under ten years old who treated today like Christmas morning, the anticipation, the excitement, the discussions!

Well. Here is the scene at my house this morning:

And I must say, it is exciting to see them happy to learn something, it got me thinking, what do we repeat year after year, day after day, hoping things will change? I have changes I want to make in my life, however, what am I actively doing to make those changes? Trying to be healthier, trying to read more, showing more patience and grace, and forgiving myself when I do none of these. I am sure you do the same!

I am happy that my boys are interested in the weather, and things around them, but I try to teach them at home who made those things happen and why, it isn't a groundhog, or a weatherman on tv, it is our savior.

Friday, February 1, 2013

When life hands you...

Well, today was the day I decided to write more. And not just writing to write, but writing with purpose.  I was inspired by a few friends who blog as well, and told me how they love it. I want the boys to be able to look back and see how mom felt at every moment they can along the way.

If you enjoy reading my blog, please, become a follower, or sign up for email updates. You also can follow my blog on facebook at

If you have a blog that you want me to list, send me a message or leave it in your post and I will add it!

I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

Trying my best...

I love living in New England. I love that we get snow, and falling leaves, and hot summers, and flower filled springs. I get tired of the cold though, and wish the boys could go outside more.

Well, this year we have used the time inside to get some things done. First we cleaned our bedroom, this means I dug into the closet, pulled everything out, and we organized. I would add a picture, but really, who wants anyone to see the inside of their closet? Trust me on this one, it is much better!

We also changed the boys rooms around. The before was Logan and Aaron in the yellow bedroom, and Caleb in the grey bedroom. Well, they are boys, and they play hard, and they need space to play. So, we put them all in one bedroom (the grey one) and made the yellow room their playroom.

They love it! They have space to go play, and they have a darker bedroom so they are sleeping better. I love it! Here are some pictures of their rooms...

The other thing we have been working on is organizing our hearts. Those that know me know that I have a big faith, but I know I do not always let that faith show. Well, I have decided instead of being dragged down by social media, that I will use it to surround myself with positivity, and faith. I discovered a group called the MOB society (short for moms of boys) and it has been wonderful to receive daily inspiration and support from a group of women who are raising boys to be men of God. They have a dad site as well, and just today launched a new site about health and fitness.
You can find the mob society at:
the health website is:
and the dad site is

I feel so blessed to know that there is help and inspiration out there for all of us. Head on over to their website, they are doing their monthly blog link up. Many moms will share their tips, stories and inspiration, or something just plain silly! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shel Silverstein

I am so in love with Shel Silverstein! There, I said it. I am just saying, I know, I know, some of what he writes doesn't even make sense, sometimes! I just love that when I read it with the boys, they ask question they laugh, and they are involved. When else can you look at your child and say "what did that say?" And have them say "I don't get it either." And then, you laugh, out loud, because it is so funny that it isn't funny at times. And his pictures, he could care less if you like what he writes, look at him....come on, go take a look at that book on your bookshelf, no, not the illustrations, the back cover....yeah, I know, he looks like you just walked in on his party! That is because he does not care, he writes because he loves it, and that shows in the infectious nature of his work.
OK, rant over!
And no, for disclosure purposes, I am not being paid for my endorsement. Howevet, if you are looking for one of his books, look here:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A long day indeed

Today was a long fun filled day, at least for me!
I started the day with my first in class experience this semester. And a last minute decision on my part put me in American Sign Language 2 instead of educational psychology. I am loving learning American Sign Language, however, after spraining my wrist (and a change in instructor) I was not certain I could do it. I decided this morning to drop educational psychology, and add ASL2, and I am so glad I did. We have a small but involved group of people, and that means we all have the chance to really sharpen our skills.

The boys are all great, and sad that tonight we stayed up and watched a movie for a bit, and so, bed time came fast, and we did not finish last nights book. If only they understood that we will in time, we will.

Possibilities are at our fingers, if only we are willing to get up and reach for them. - do not know who said it, but I know I did not think of it myself.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tonight's book

Is an oldie but a goodie!
The boys were great for the first 20 pages, they quickly faded, but I almost couldn't stop reading! We went for a bundled up walk, and relaxed tonight, and it was so nice to sit and read for a bit.

School is not as easy as I remembered...

I am feeling a little overwhelmed again. I have changed my classes several times over the last few weeks, and I am not certain if I made the right choices.
I have never committed to a plan of action like I have going back to school. I truly want to help people. I just am not certain that I have picked the correct course of action to do the most good.
I know you are thinking "why do I care?" But the reality is, you do. If you have a child, if you have a child who needs a therapy of any kind, or a special doctor of any kind then you care. You want that person to be in love with what they are doing to help you and your child.

I want to help. I have a passion for helping, and I am willing to finish these next 6 or more years of schooling, and I want to be able to be a compassionate therapist, but in my gut, I feel a stronger calling. And I am too old to start this journey, and I wonder if I will ever be truly happy as a therapist, when in my gut, and in my heart, being a doctor is what I really and truly crave to do.

That is the first time I have ever voiced these concerns, however, now that I have, I feel I can move forward. So, if you do read this, know that you do care, or you should care, that the person in front of you, helping you, loves what they are doing, because the reward you earn by their help, is given from their heart.

Ok, well

Thanks to the heater busting, and a few minor but unplanned doctors appointments for me, I failed to update o reading!
I picked the book, because they wanted nothing to do with it. So I picked a Flat Stanley book. I read through the first chapter, we said prayers, and Caleb asked if he could read through the rest of the story to his brothers! I was happy with that. Tonight I plan to read Shel Silverstein. Let us hope the do the same thing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I love car naps

Picking up the brothers from school, and Aaron, who was not tired, is sound asleep!

I forgot!

Caleb and Logan are learning piano! Caleb started in September. He is amazing, if I do say so myself. He has learned quite a few songs and even performed at Christmas! Logan saw what you could do on a piano, and asked Caleb to show him how to play! He tortured Caleb's piano teacher for weeks, she caved, and he gets a 15 minute lesson every other week! So fun!

Just FYI...

For anyone who visits here regularly, I have hidden all medical posts from earlier in Aaron's life, no need to have all of that out there, it is time to focus on the present and the future!

The more you read...

Parent teacher conferences for Aaron today! He is progressing amazingly well. He is right on track for everything he should be doing. Just needs to work on letter recognition and cutting appropriately, but these are both skills that need to develop still at this age anyways.

I have been trying to figure out if I am doing enough to help them all at school, and I have decided that I am going to be purposeful about reading to them, so, tonight, we shall read three books, each boy will choose one, and I will make this a daily routine! Here's hoping I can make this work!
Update tonight to follow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here I am!

So, it has been a long time, but here I am. A lot has changed.
The boys are all doing really well. Aaron has been discharged from most of his specialists, and Caleb and Logan are doing really well in school. Someone else is doing really well in school....ME! I started back last spring, and I have really enjoyed it! I am going to community college for special education, and I plan to transfer to the University of Rhode Island to earn my Bachelor's in communicative disorders, and then my Master's in Speech and Language Pathology.
The boys have grown a lot. They are learning to play chess, and loving. To build with their Lego's.

Steve has been super supportive and accommodating while I am doing my school work, and I could not be happier about that. He also has joined the church choir. I know, shocker right?

All in all things are good, and I plan to post more.

Here are some pictures of the past few months. Disneyland, legoland, school, Halloween, and Christmas included