Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day

I know what the groundhog said this morning. Do you? If so then you are a weather buff, a teacher or you have a loved one who is under ten years old who treated today like Christmas morning, the anticipation, the excitement, the discussions!

Well. Here is the scene at my house this morning:

And I must say, it is exciting to see them happy to learn something, it got me thinking, what do we repeat year after year, day after day, hoping things will change? I have changes I want to make in my life, however, what am I actively doing to make those changes? Trying to be healthier, trying to read more, showing more patience and grace, and forgiving myself when I do none of these. I am sure you do the same!

I am happy that my boys are interested in the weather, and things around them, but I try to teach them at home who made those things happen and why, it isn't a groundhog, or a weatherman on tv, it is our savior.

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