Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friends like these.

So. Last weekend we were hit with a really big snow storm. This weekend, not a huge storm, but adding 3-4 inches meant a parking ban in our city, which means no church. Note the picture of how we spent our morning at home. We do not have our own parking lot. We have to park on the street, and thanks to the kindness of our neighbor across the street, many members of the church park there, but it is a grocery store, so we have to be mindful of their customers.
I miss church. A lot of my friends are there, my children gain their few hours with their friends who are godly children, and it is a place where we as parents can recharge while our children are safe with others.
I have been wrestling with how much private school costs, and with how far away they are from us.
It is on my heart, and in my prayers. I wish that I had no reservations about it, but I do, and so I will wait.
See? Even when it is about the snow, it is about not being in quite the right place right now. I want for my children to have friends every day like the ones they have on Sunday, and with two Sundays away, miss those friendships.

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