Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A unique creation

Snow, perfect individual flakes landing on the faces, tongues and coats of little children. This was my joy today. I did not experience this sight with my own children today. Only one of them. I was substituting at the preschool today, and seeing the joy in childrens eyes as they watch the snow land was beautiful.

It reminded me, that every being is created unique. And working with these students has helped me to appreciate the uniqueness of those around me.

Caleb, he is so smart, I mean the kind of smart that makes my head spin. Lately, he is struggling in school, and I don't think it is because of his lack of smarts, I think it is that he knows he knows, so he doesn't need to try. Wrong. He said today, I know I can do better than the B I received, and that not doing my best is not acceptable in our house, I will do better. Sigh, I hope he doesn't think that we do not live him because of a silly B, we love him o matter what grade he gets, we expect him to always try his hardest. That is a hard distinction for anyone to make.

Logan...sweet emotional Logan....he is such a good natured child, and he can be so brash. He did really well on his report card, and he is improving in his completion of his school work. We went to the book store on Sunday, and he wanted a book about angry birds. I hate buying books that have to do with games or toys they collect. I really wanted him to get a book that he could read. I was having a day, (and to be honest, I still am) and I walked away. Well, it was a good thing I walked away, because I looked over a few books, and found him some chapter books that he was interested in. I find it so hard to remember what I want him to want and what he wants will always be different. I need to learn to let go...

Aaron, he has had a great weekend. Despite a cold, and a four year olds attitude, he had a great weekend. He enjoyed school yesterday, and today he was a helper. He was able to be a leader, and an example. I was told he said, "yes, ma'am" and showed how things should be. He has grown so much that it is hard for me to believe there was ever a time when we worried about his health.

Life, is busy as always. I enjoy every flake life gives me, because when all those precious flakes fall, and they are all collected on the ground, they sure do make a pretty landscape.

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