Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sometimes you just need to go...

I have to say, today, today my kids are behaving wonderfully, and I am loving having time with them!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


school is awesome!
After 3 days of second grade for Caleb he is adjusting awesome, and loving it!, and today being Logan's first day of Kindergarten (he was so excited to be dropped off!), I am so excited that I have this opportunity to spend time alone with Aaron. We took a shopping trip to Whole Foods to get some of his "special Milk" and while we were there, we went to the produce section, and Aaron picked out some peppers, Orange, Red, Yellow and Green...and so I grabbed an onion, some garlic, we grabbed some roast, and what do you know, dinner! and Aaron picked it out!

Now, you might say, so what? but what you don't know is that getting any of my kids to behave in a store is like herding cats, they scream, they run, they fight, so this was a wonderful chance for me to spend some time with Aaron, and teach him that shopping trips can be fun, and not full of chaos!

when we got home, he helped me prepare dinner, and then he got all excited as I cooked, and I hope when I pull it out of the crock pot tonight that he will be just as excited to eat it.

Medically, he seems to be doing better, except for the fits, but we see the pediatrician tomorrow to discuss what it could be. right now, I am just happy to have the time to work with him. He is making huge strides, he is talking more, and going to the bathroom on the potty (yay) and all in all, improving little by little every day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

a trip and a more ways than one!

well, we took the kids to Disney, surprised them, got in the car, they were surprised, it was fun, and it was HOT!!! heat index of 110 or more every day, and in the back of my mind every day was "what if" what if he has a seizure, what is he has a stroke, what if he isn't ok....well, he was, for the most part ok. only a few small things stuck out to me. he refused to eat almost anything. he drank a lot ( I will take that in the heat!) his sweat smells like vinegar (not sure what this means) and he is aggressive in the heat. He punches, he kicks, he screams, he pinches, he stomps his we shall see what all this means, but what it does mean, is that we can go places, for now, he is a "normal" healthy child who can travel with very few meds, and as long as we keep Milk out of his body, and put Culturelle in every few days the bloating has been down.
We have an appointment with Pediatrics in September to talk about the fits, they are not normal two year old temper tantrums, and he is not easily distracted or easily redirected, so we will work on it.
in time.
I am, on the other hand, applying for jobs. I need to work, he needs time away from me, and I need to feel important. I know taking care of him is a lot, taking care of all of the boys is a lot, but i need something that is that is where the Johnson family is at right now. one day at a time...