Thursday, March 21, 2013

What imagination!?

I love that a few days a week, I have the pleasure of watching my nieces. I live that the two of them have a blast coloring, building Legos and just having fun. On Thursdays, I get to enjoy the fact that Aaron is home with us. Today, they had all of our living room blankets out, and they decided to hide from me.... Such fun!

I think it is important for Children to know that having an imagination is not a bad thing. Draw a picture and describe it to me. Play with Legos with no instructions! (Imagine that) and find a way to have fun with nothing electronic on. It is pretty amazing to see what little children can teach me that I should have already known. I think the phrase "stop and smell the roses" does not do life justice. I want to change it to " stop and see the way the children play!" Sometimes the hardest part is remembering that they are little kids, and they are going to be loud, and disorganized, and silly, and that it is my job to protect them, but not dictate to them how to live their lives.

I wonder if anyone feels this way at times or if I am just late to the game!
Thanks for reading!

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