Friday, February 1, 2013

Trying my best...

I love living in New England. I love that we get snow, and falling leaves, and hot summers, and flower filled springs. I get tired of the cold though, and wish the boys could go outside more.

Well, this year we have used the time inside to get some things done. First we cleaned our bedroom, this means I dug into the closet, pulled everything out, and we organized. I would add a picture, but really, who wants anyone to see the inside of their closet? Trust me on this one, it is much better!

We also changed the boys rooms around. The before was Logan and Aaron in the yellow bedroom, and Caleb in the grey bedroom. Well, they are boys, and they play hard, and they need space to play. So, we put them all in one bedroom (the grey one) and made the yellow room their playroom.

They love it! They have space to go play, and they have a darker bedroom so they are sleeping better. I love it! Here are some pictures of their rooms...

The other thing we have been working on is organizing our hearts. Those that know me know that I have a big faith, but I know I do not always let that faith show. Well, I have decided instead of being dragged down by social media, that I will use it to surround myself with positivity, and faith. I discovered a group called the MOB society (short for moms of boys) and it has been wonderful to receive daily inspiration and support from a group of women who are raising boys to be men of God. They have a dad site as well, and just today launched a new site about health and fitness.
You can find the mob society at:
the health website is:
and the dad site is

I feel so blessed to know that there is help and inspiration out there for all of us. Head on over to their website, they are doing their monthly blog link up. Many moms will share their tips, stories and inspiration, or something just plain silly! Enjoy!


  1. So glad to "meet" you via the MOB Society link-up today!! I love your thoughts on "organizing our hearts". We can get so cluttered emotionally and spiritually that we lose sight of what really matters!! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Thank you! It was nice to "meet you" as well. I loved your post about a social media fast, it sounds like you had a great perspective about it all! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi, Melendy! So glad you joined the fun at MOB. I love the way you organized the boys' rooms. I think we are about to get bunk beds for ours when our youngest is ready to move out of the crib. The tip about organizing our hearts is also a good thought. I always try to let my heart show in my posts because I hope that one day my boys will read my words and get to know me a little better. Happy Friday and nice to meet you!

    1. Aww, thanks! It is nice to get to know all of you ladies as well! The best part of the organizing is that we didn't spend a dime! We had everything, we just repurposed things. The bunk beds are good, but they have their drawbacks, we bought the drawer stairs and thought that would prevent falls. Just over a year ao, our oldest Caleb, dared our middle boy Logan to jump from his bed (the loft) and well, Logan jumped down the stairs, and broke his arm. Bad. A tear later, we have had two surgeries, and he is on the last 2-3 weeks of physical activity restriction. So, a talk to have wi them before you buy might be how seriously they can get hurt...I never thought to actually go over all the possibilities. I just said don't do it! Have a great weekend!