Monday, July 6, 2015

Say what!?!?

So anyone who follows me in Facebook or even Instagram or Twitter knows I have upped my workout/ heathy food posts. 

Well, there is a very good reason for that! 
This man: 
The father of my children.
My husband
The man I married almost 13 years ago,
The man I started dating over 17 years ago.

He is the reason.
2 weeks ago he was officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
My husband
The man who runs every day
The man who goes to the gym at 4AM
Every day
This man...
Well. It isn't just fat people who get type 2. 
It can be heredity
Life choices
Or just "luck"
He has it. 
His numbers are horrible and well, I am his wife
It is up to me to "fix it"
It is my fault...
I should have helped him.
But how
Steve has never had to diet
He has never had to watch what he eats
He has never worried about anything he has eaten...EVER!
Now, he is lost
And I have to help him find the shore
We live in an age of technology.
I list every calorie I eat on an app in my phone, I log every step, every mile, every activity, and every picture/grade. 
He has never worried about it. 
I weigh WAY too much, he is in target range
I am a couch potato, he hardly eats potatoes, and yet he needs me to save him, to keep him alive, to help him save his vision/limbs.


After years of me relying on him, he NEEDS me. 

And I crumbled under the weight of it.

How do I fight his need to eat
How do I?!?! Have any authority when I can't control what I eat and do?!?!?
How can I save him...

Well. I decided to change.

I am making him healthy meals, making myself healthy meals. 
Critiquing every thing he eats
Helping him remember to log
Getting angry when he eats too many carbs
Getting sad in Private that he will not eat like he should...that he will die...that I will be alone... But no tin front of him.
He needs me to be strong
And so, you may see 
Or this:
Or even this:

B cause if I am going to help him, I have to change me as well. And well, I love him, a lot, and so it is worth it. The fight, the struggle, the sacrifices, all for him, for me, for US, and for our kids... 
I fight
So excuse the mess while I am a work in progress, as is Steve. 

If you have any tips on how to help him or me adjust, few free to post/comment! 

We love your love!



  1. You are a rock. An amazing couple... and wine is always at 222!!!

    1. Until you move, but I will follow. Our friendship will know no distance! Love you!