Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why can we not just be humans?

I had an amazing time today with my BFF (do I sound like a teenager?)
We went to the beach with my sons, my nieces, and my friend's children. 
Her oldest daughter has Achondroplasia. Not sure what that is? Well you can find that out here: A is For Adelaide
And I have to say, our day was almost ruined, and I didn't realize it. 
I spent a large part of today playing photographer. I was grabbing candids and group photos and watching the children (all 7 of them!?!?) move about. 
Well at one point my friends daughter Addie was playing in the sand and I didn't notice it at first. She is not my child, so my senses were not tuned in to it. 
But then I did.
I noticed it.

I realized that the man of a couple was taking a picture of his woman, but there was no way he was getting his woman in the frame. (BTW I am a trained photographer) he was aiming for Addie.
Because she looks a little different? Because she is shorter than your child? 
Because she is amazingly beautiful and even brought her own paparazzi? 
Who knows. But I made sure that my face or  butt were in every one of their pictures, essentially ruining the chance of them getting a "good shot".

 But why did I have to? 

Because some people aren't human. 
Some people think it is ok to photograph others without their consent for their own pleasure/ amusement. 
And some people are just assholes. Period. 
So, the next time you go to take a photo of that person who is doing something different/ looks different/has colorful hair/ or is just not like you, imagine how you would fee if you saw pictures of you on the internet because someone wanted to laugh at you. 
No matter your intent, someone will get hurt. So think twice, and grow up. 
And if you find someone else is doing this, stop them. For them and you, and the person you might hurt. 
P.S. You won't find pictures here as I thought that made my point pretty clear. 

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