Thursday, July 30, 2015

A day at the beach

It has been two years since I spent a day on the beach with my boys.
I love the beach.
It is my favorite place.
When you are in the ocean, you are in the water that connects every shore. That is so amazing to think about. 

My BFF Chelley and I have been talking about a beach day since May! We knew it had to happen this summer, but our schedules have been crazy, and so we made a plan over a week ago to go!  
We had food, water, blankets, an umbrella, and sunblock.
2 moms, 7 children, and a mission- have fun! 

Well, it was a perfect day. 

This little piece of ocean is quiet, very small waves, and not overcrowded. 
We parked and got each of the children to help carry something. 

And away we went. 

We set up blankets, made sure food was in the shade of the umbrella, and headed to the water. 

From here it was splashing, swimming, running, and just loving the water. 
Some of the kids love swimming, 

And for some it meant overcoming fears, but she had help...
And was swimming in no time

We buried people in the sand: 

And made a pool on the beach:

We also were all in the water, even the moms! 

Addie loves to splash, and that laugh is infectious!
And it must be in the family because Millie loved to splash and laugh too! 

So does mom! 

Seaweed was overcome, 
And brothers were being brothers- 

And truly, it was a wonderful day. 

We laughed, didn't cry, played, didn't worry, smiled, and just enjoyed being together! 
At the start of the day we thought it was a bit intense to have this many kids with two moms, but at the end of the day, you can do whatever you think you can, so we did! 
We packed up, and headed out (which included towel shelters for changing into clothing!) 
And before we had even started the cars, the tiniest among us was doing the one thing that 6 out of 7 would be doing before we got home, sleeping! A sure sign of a great day!

Enjoy your summer days! We are!

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