Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Like A Fish Out of Water

I am an asthmatic.
It started when I was in middle school running track and field. 

It hasn't stopped.

I need to take a daily maintenance inhaler  every morning. 
It costs a decent amount of money every month. However, I am not in the hospital with every illness so it saves me over time. 

I ask take a rescue inhaler. Only when needed, but often you will see me fifteen minutes before a run taking a puff to prep my lungs. 

I have been working hard lately to better my body. Not just lose weight. Be stronger, run farther, plank longer, strengthen my core, and ultimately put only good things into my body. 

Every morning Steve and I have a protein shake. 

And we eat veggies and chicken sausage  and drink a gallon of water a day. 
We still will order takeout, but it is sushi, avocado and cucumber salad. and burrito bowls with no burrito shell. 

We run. He runs more than I do, but we run. Tonight we ran together, and did these crazy strength things in between each quarter mile. 

I ran in an obstacle course race on Saturday. And truly walked a lot, but ran harder and further than I had been and I didn't take my inhaler before hand. My running partner had to keep stopping and walking with me. I felt awful that she had to stop for me. This runner who could have done this race in 45 minutes spent an hour and a half on the course because she wasn't leaving me behind. 

I don't  want to be the anchor.
I don't want to quit.
I want to be better.
I cannot get rid of asthma. 
Asthma cannot define me. 
So I run every week.
I train every day. 
I count my calories, 
I spend time being better.
And I have noticed that as I have gone from 225 pounds to 207 pounds, my rescue inhaler is less necessary. 
I do not need it during a run. 
I need to strengthen my lung for endurance, but running is not causing me asthma attacks, anxiety about having an asthma attack, but not an asthma attack. 

And so,
Like a fish out of water,
I am learning to breathe and exercise differently than what I "thought I could do. I am pushing myself out of my comfort box. And I am going. 

I apologize to those that feel they need to hold back and stay with me, however, you are helping me in ways you could never realize. The moms from track, my running partner and her super fit self and super fit friends, and my husband. Even though I yell when he tells me how to do something, I am learning that he cares! 

Cheers to you in your workout, your life, and whatever is hid g you back! Chuck it in the "f@#£ it bucket" and get going! 
Love to you! 
How do you better yourself when you hit a wall?

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