Friday, March 13, 2015

On a much lighter note... Week 10 - my favorite jewelry...

From the time I was born, jewelry was a part of my life. My mother and father both worked at jewelry stores when they met, and well, both made sure that I was aware of the value of a jewel. I have several pieces that I love, and several that mean so much to me. For me each piece of jewelry I own is a connection to the person and moment I received it. As a mom to all boys, I realize that there is no one to pass my jewelry on to that will appreciate that sentiment. So for now I love it, recognizing it is only a thing, and not an actual part of me. 

I have a few pieces I will talk about... 
There is a box of jewels my husband gave me. He knows how much I love them, and he picked out this beautiful box for these treasures. It isn't large, but it holds a lot. Probably one of the two things I would grab in a fire! 

The problem is I am so afraid of losing these jewels that I hardly wear them! My wedding bands and my mothers necklace are most often what I wear. I find it hard to wear jewelry when playing with kids and being a mom to three absolutely energetic boys. So I don't wear it often! 
These two are special. The boys birthstones, and a silhouette with my birthdate which belonged to my grandmother. This one was lost for ten years! I was cleaning out an old purse before donating it and found this in the pocket, the lining of the pocket! I am so glad I found it because I have very little from my grandmother. 

My mothers necklace is probably the most precious. Each stone represents a part of me that walks around outside of my body! 

Caleb is the sapphire, and he fits that stone quite well, he is bold, and strong and stands out in a crowd!

Logan is the diamond, and that fits him as well. He is strong, but clear, and you can see through his emotions to his heart.

Aaron is citrine, and that fits him as well. He is a light and a ray of sunshine to all around him! 

So my mothers necklace is probably the one I hold most dear. It represent a these beautiful humans I love so much! 

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  1. I love this! You have so many special pieces... and 3 sweet dudes! <3