Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home...Week 12 a4a 52 week challenge

I have lived in many places, and all of them would be considered home.

I also have many places in my life that feel like home.

Our physical home is a quaint one.

 We have three bedrooms, one bathroom,a fireplace, a dining room, a yard, a porch, and a garage. It is large enough to host holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter, but small enough that I don't go crazy when we need to clean up. It is feeling awfully cramped lately as our children are growing, and we have been so beyond busy that my clothes sit in baskets next to my bed instead of being properly put away.  However, it is home.

I have learned how to cook here, watched two children take their first steps here, and become a teacher through a lot of hard work here.

there is one thing though. It is always changing. I am constantly rearranging our furniture, our rooms, even whose room is whose.  We cannot change our address, but we can change our space. I am feeling like a change is needed again, so we will be doing a deep de-clutter of our spaces. The boys clothes are becoming outgrown, the school work is piling up, and the de-clutter is necessary.

But the best thing happened this year. I was able to clean off my front porch, and make a space that I have always wanted. A place to rest, and read, or type, or draw. A place to relax at the end of a long day or to be alone in my thoughts. I think it needs a few more touches to be complete, however, I am really happy with how it looks, and how I feel when I come home. To open up the door and see my refuge right there is the best feeling ever.
In doing this, I discovered, that even though our house isn't perfect, nor is it perfectly clean, it is our home. It is where we come together.




all happen wherever you are!


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