Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week 3 - the reading spot

Well, here we are, week three, and I must say, I have thought about week three all week. You see, I love to read. I am picky about what I read, but I love to read. 
This spot on my couch is where I have done a lot of reading. Actually on a couch I no longer own I laid and read every Harry Potter available in August of 2003 while resting during the last week of my first pregnancy. A couch is comfortable. And when the boys are sleeping and I have time, it is nice to curl up and read. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't been as possible lately. 

For my birthday this year, my husband helped me create a new reading space. He purchased this couch for me. 

It sits on my porch where it is too cold to sit on now. In the spring this will be where you can find me with a book or my pencils and sketchbook. When we bought this house I feel in love with the porch. Enclosed, but still "outside " it is a great retreat space for me. 
This porch is now the space that I have always wanted, and the couch completes the atmosphere!

But there are two other places I read. My bed. Is a sanctuary that I can sit and rest in, and it has become one of my favorite reading places. It is quiet, and comfortable, and a place I can fall asleep while reading and not worry about what time it is! 

And one other place is my husbands car. When we take long car rides I either watch a sappy movie on Netflix or read a good book. 

Now not all of my books are paper. This device has been a source of many great books:

This is my iPad (I think iPad 2?) with the kindle app. Best way to carry many books! I love that I can switch from phone to iPad and keep my place! 

But my reading isn't just for me. It has grown to my children. I could spend hours at Barnes and Noble. They could spent days. My physical books are one shelf, theirs are more like 10! 

And their favorite place to read? 

And in the car! Just like their mother! 
And when my children's worst clutter is  this:

And this:
You know you have made an influence as a parent. 

And to see Aaron at six have a collection like this he can read, I know they will have no problem succeeding because they love their books! 

I am so grateful that my children have found places that work for them to read, and I am glad that they love the adventures a book can take them on! 

Off to crack open a new book! 

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(Photo credit to Chelley for this, but captured on my iPhone.) 

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