Saturday, January 24, 2015

I don't wanna!

In December I had a physical. I knew what the doc was going to say, but I hated hearing it. 
"Change this and this, and do more this"

Not really a quote, but the reality is, in the six years I have been seeing this doctor I have gained 50 pounds. Truth is I have gained and lost that same 50 pounds several more times than 6 over those six years. 

I have been on a trend of yo-yo dieting for years. But this time, I heard what he said as something more than that. This week I will turn 35. Not old, but not 18 either. I have had three kids and a hysterectomy. My body doesn't act the way it did when I was 20, but something had to change. 6 more years and 50 more pounds would be devastating. 

The week following Christmas I started using the Loseit app and tracking my food intake. I did only this for the first week. This was huge in helping me realize how much I eat. 

The second week, I started running. Now when I say run, don't think gazelle, think limping tortoise. I am by no means a runner. I enjoy the feeling of being outside, headphones in and just going nowhere. That does not mean I get there fast. 

One week later Chelley very innocently sent me this Facebook post saying
Hey we are practically neighbors, when are we running together? 

That was it. I figured she would run once with me, discover how slow I am, and then never do it again. 

That didn't happen.

Here we are two or three weeks in and  we have gone out almost every day. She definitely goes more than me, but we go together and we keep a decently fast pace. I am so grateful that she reached out, and I am so glad to have a friend that gets me. She doesn't let me quit, and she also holds me accountable. 

So for the last few really cold days, and even today in the snow, I said "I don't wanna!!" About going outside, but the truth is, I haven't regretted a step. The conversations we have and the friendship that has blossomed are worth every cold step! I really have no excuses not to spend time with this lovely lady! Thanks Chelley! 

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