Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shel Silverstein

I am so in love with Shel Silverstein! There, I said it. I am just saying, I know, I know, some of what he writes doesn't even make sense, sometimes! I just love that when I read it with the boys, they ask question they laugh, and they are involved. When else can you look at your child and say "what did that say?" And have them say "I don't get it either." And then, you laugh, out loud, because it is so funny that it isn't funny at times. And his pictures, he could care less if you like what he writes, look at him....come on, go take a look at that book on your bookshelf, no, not the illustrations, the back cover....yeah, I know, he looks like you just walked in on his party! That is because he does not care, he writes because he loves it, and that shows in the infectious nature of his work.
OK, rant over!
And no, for disclosure purposes, I am not being paid for my endorsement. Howevet, if you are looking for one of his books, look here:

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