Monday, August 3, 2015

When you dont know what to say...

This weekend, as I was enjoying the fruit of my sons amazing weekend with track, I was struggling to sleep.
Something wasn't right, and I didn't know what.  well, at about 11 pm, on Saturday, I realized what was wrong. My childhood friend, a bridesmaid in my wedding, someone whom I had once shared everything with, had lost her brother.
He was too young to die, and something made it hard to know what to say.
I posted on Facebook my expressions of sorrow and love.
But that wasn't enough for me.
I sent a text:
"I know I haven't been a great friend, but I love you, I m sorry, and I am here."
"Thank you" was the response.

My friend who lost her father just over a year ago, and now her brother had the strength to say "thank you"

I felt horrible.

As kids, I had had a crush on her brother, laughed with her about it, and spent many hours with her doing silly and normal teenage things. She was in my wedding, and was always  a part of my life. She is always the life of the party. Happy, smiling, and loving. She is beautiful, and strong.

I do not know what to say.

never have.

and I always end up saying something stupid.

so instead, today, I am asking you to help this family.

Amanda is solely responsible, and it is a heavy burden.

Our high school friend Amanda (H)  has set up a GO  FUND ME page to help the family.
You can find the link here: go fund me

I never know what to say, but I do know life is too short to be cut shorter. I am praying for peace and understanding. I am also asking for support and love.

~ Melendy

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