Friday, April 24, 2015

My hair...Week 16 A4A52week

So this week I am writing about my favorite physical feature. This took a while. I like my eyes, they change color and I have always had lashes, but it isn't them. I like my feet. They are ugly with years of dance and now running, but they can do so much. There was even talk of my breasts, as they have nourished three children and I am always complimented on them, but let's be honest, I can't blog about that! 

So my hair. 
I love that I can go to my friend Heather, once a year, spend a little bit of money, and transform my self esteem. It sounds silly, but your hair can define who you are. 
I have had many hair styles, but I love my current one best.
A walk down hair lane: 
Long a braided for our Thanksgiving Feast at school.

Long a wavy out of the shower...

Short and curled for this special day.

And this day too! (I am in the left)

And at one point a "boxed" red head.

But in reality, I was and am always me. Just with different hair. The nice thing is that no matter what my hair looks like, if I don't like it, I can change it! 

What is your favorite physics feature? And why!?
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  1. I love this. I have hideous feet from dance, and hard work... and we all know I can feed a baby- but... haha. I love this post. You are beautiful, but your heart is my favorite thing about you <3