Friday, April 24, 2015

A week late, but my career, week 15 A4A52weekchallenge

So, I am a week late writing this, but the kids were sick and I honestly forgot! 

My career is hard to write about because I don't have one. 
I am a mom
A wife
A teacher
But I do not have a career.
These things are my life. 
They make me who I am, and teach me day to day.
I do not have a corporation to answer to, a timeline (well teaching does have a timeline), I don't get emails from China at 2 in the morning like my husband does. I don't stress about losing my job because if I lose my job it isn't devastating to the family. 

I think the word career has a connotation that is negative, at least to me. As someone who isn't  on a plan, I don't like when I am asked what my career or occupation is. 
I am a mom
I am a wife
I am a teacher
But none of those things change if they are my career, because they are my life.
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