Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 6 - a family member who... #a4a52weekchallenge

It is really hard to pick a family member to write about. 

I talked about my parents last week, and they each get their own spotlight down the road. 

My sister was born second in line. She was full of drama from the beginning, and it is part of what makes her who she is! 

On Easter morning of the year my sister was born, I was excited to meet my baby sister, and angry that my sister was my present from the Easter Bunny. Little did I know how things were going to turn out. 

I arrived at the hospital to meet my baby sister. She wasn't in her room. The start of her life was crazy, but thankfully a diligent, observant nurse saved her life. 

As Megan got older, she was almost never sick, but when she was it was bad. Megan never does anything is always go big or go home. This dynamic was hard for me as her older sister. It isn't easy to be the jealous older sister. Megan was tall, skinny (still is) and had all of the friends. Even people my age were friends with Megan. This was a tough for me to get through. I started to resent her, but that has since past. 

I had to realize that my reactions to my sisters life were not because of her. They were MY reactions, not hers. 
As we have aged together, I find that I am able to see her as a unique individual whom I am not in a competition with. We are different, and that is the way it is supposed to be! 

Now, I am certainly not saying we see eye to eye now. She will be the first one to tell you and there are probably not two more different people than she and I in our beliefs, but we are sisters, and we have learned mutual respect for each other. 

We have learned to let each other be ourselves, and to unite in our similarities. She is a beautiful mother to my nieces, and an exuberant auntie to my boys.

 I love her, and I am so glad we can have moments like these to remember!

And also these:
I love her, and I am grateful we have found peace. 

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  1. Love you, mama. Sisters are hard... that's for damn sure!

    1. They can be, but I feel it is such a gift to have siblings we get to navigate through life with! Love you!