Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 5 a childhood memory a4a52weekchallenge


Some people love them.
Other people hate them.
But as a child (as old as 16) balloons meant your birthday was here. My parents would do this scavenger hunt thing that was awesome. We would wake up to a balloon in our room. It had a clue on it. Sometimes the balloon clues would lead to a small present and sometimes to another clue. 

I didn't realize it then, but my parents put in a tremendous amount of effort creating these scavenger hunts. Clues which led to other clues which led to more clues and then at last a present. It was so hard to figure out the clues sometimes and you never passed a clue to get to another. Just the thought that goes into this seems astounding. And as a mom to three now it is just unrealistic that they did this!

But one year, my 16th birthday, they outdid themselves. They did a "balloon bouquet" with clues, and I received them in the car. On this journey my parents drove me from location to location that the clues led to. My school, the hospital I was born at, and many other locations. They even cued the music in the car to fit the location and event in my life. And at each location I received a small present and each present matched the location as well.

 I will be honest, I do not remember what the "big present" was that year, but I remember the journey. My parents worked so hard for that journey. I hope my parents know that even if that journey didn't seem like it excited me it did. I remember it like yesterday, and I wish I could live in that moment of loving joy. 

It is only now as a parent myself that I realize what a sacrifice that was. Of their time, of their sleep, of their resources, to be that tuned in to your child on their birthday. The gift I still have from that day, the gift that helps me remember their love daily is a bracelet that they are for me. It lives in my jewelry box. It's elastic has worn as it is 19 years old, but here a week out from my birthday, one that was a hard one for me (and I can't tell you why) I am grateful for this simple reminder of my parents love for me.  Thank you mom and dad for the living memories you gave me! 

Thank you Chelley for posting this 52 week challenge! It has been amazing to be writing again! 

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  1. I love this! I never knew all my parents did for us either... but darn do I know it now!

    1. It really is eye opening to be a parent and finally have answers to the why questions we had as kids. I love that I have gained this perspective!